How to Succeed in College

College is indeed a challenging time. It is not a walk in the park just like middle school where you don’t really have to pressure yourself. In college, you get to get a taste of how the real-world works. 

How you perform in college would greatly affect how you would do in the future. And it is safe to say that you would want to be successful. So, as soon as possible, you need to train yourself. You need to act like an adult who has their life figured out, and college is the best time for you to do that.

So, read through the whole article for we have some tips that might be able to help you in college and get a wonderful future. 

  • Get to know the campus. Get to know your professors. Get to know the different establishments. You have to know these things like the back of your hand. You have to be well-aware of the university you’d be spending your college years in. After all, it will be your home for the next few years. So, don’t miss out on the first week of classes because it will be orientation week which means everything you need to know about the campus will be given to you. So, it is important to be there and not miss out on anything. 
  • You need to take notes for every class you take. Do not take any minor subject for granted, because one downfall, even on a minor subject would greatly affect your GPA and your future. So it is best to always be prepared during exams, activities, and recitations. The notes you take during the classes will help you big time. Without those notes, you’ll surely have a hard time studying for the finals. 
  • Then, another thing you should really focus on is managing your time well. You have to be able to make time for everything. You need to fulfill every responsibility you have as a college student. You want to be on time for everything. Any missed project or deadline can affect your grade. You want to be able to get every credit you need to stay on top. So, make sure that you have a room for everything. Time management is one of the keys to success.

The tips mentioned above can help you big time. So, make sure to consider following them if you want to finish and get your hands on that amazing diploma. Once you get a taste of success, you’ll surely be happy with all the missed parties. You’ll be happy that you chose to follow these tips.

If you want to be the boss of your own self, being able to have control of your time, then it would be best to take college seriously. Guaranteed, once you see the results of not going out partying all night, and instead doing your homework and studying your lessons, you will surely be happy and successful in the future.

So get into pengurusan sukan and get yourself on top!


How Living in Malaysia Is Very Beneficial

Benefits Of Living In Malaysia

Malaysia is most likely perhaps the best spot to live. Numerous individuals don’t see Malaysia as something astounding, and that is the place they are incorrect. The individuals who don’t take a risk on this lovely nation sure is passing up a lot of astounding things. 

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In case you’re searching for an extraordinary spot to visit and have a fabulous time, at that point you ought to think about visiting this stunning spot. There are such a significant number of advantages you’d have the option to get. Simply keep perusing all through the entire article to discover what these advantages are. Here are some of them: 

  • Malaysia is skilled with regular magnificence. Their untamed life is additionally normal, and their characteristic spots are only the best. You can thoroughly appreciate the outside air while taking a gander at an astonishing perspective. Solid colourful creatures can be found on their astonishing untamed life territories. It resembles heading off to a real zoo. If you love creatures, at that point their natural life experience is what you’re searching for. 
  • Another astonishing thing about Malaysia is you get the chance to encounter the past and the future, the old and new, at that point collectable and the advanced. Malaysia may have advanced significantly throughout the years, it might have improved into something better and present day, yet what’s extraordinary about them is that they despise everything to keep the old magnificence alive. In the opposite side of Malaysia, you’d have the option to appreciate the old landscape and simply magnificent collectables. How cool is that? 

Anyway, you see. There sure are a huge amount of astonishing things Malaysia must offer. It is additionally one of the most astonishing spots to live with its incredible culture and individuals. If you do consider, there are a huge amount of incredible properties from various places including properties in Kajang house for sale, and Desa Park City condo for sale, and house for sale Klang available to be purchased.


Learn About The Known Myths Of Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses – The Myths

Once you will graduate from the secondary level, the next step is the college education which is the last step actually before you can start looking for a job. For the graduating students, this should be an exciting phase as once they will be done with college, they can start earning their own money. Are you excited as well? So, what are you planning to take? Are your parents well off? Do you have no problems with your grades right now?

Before you decide whether you want a diploma course or a degree in any college in Malaysia, you might want to check first some of the known myths of foundation courses. Check this out:

A walk in the park

A lot of students assume that a foundation syllabus is just a walk in the park. Well, this is usually not the case and in fact, in some courses, it is the total opposite. Yes, and this is even why you will find that there are courses that are really hard to pass. Some will even take the final year more than once and they still need to prepare for the board which is at the same time, really hard. So, if you think you will just have the time of your life while studying, think again.

Your instructors will be lenient on you

This is another myth. Well, there are instructors who seem to know what the students are going through and will be kind enough to really reach out to them, but there are also those who seem to skip being a student and are so strict. They are those who makes the lessons harder and who can make the students miserable. It seems that their objective is to see more students fail. Indeed, you can say that there are more instructors who are hard to deal with.

You must know ahead what you want

Though this is more convenient of course, if this is your situation, but this is now always the case with everyone. Yes, this is not entirely a myth as there is a ring of truth here, but there are times when a student will change his mind and there are foundation courses that allow them to do that. That is right as some foundation courses will not limit you to what you like. Besides, most of the time, courses have the same subjects in the first year. So, even if you change course, your number of years in school will hardly be affected.

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You need to be in the same university until you graduate

This is an obvious myth of course. You see, no matter if you are choosing a diploma study or a foundation course, no one can stop you if you will change university. However, there are of course some setbacks like maybe you need to step back a little or maybe the other school has different description of their subjects and so on. But the bottom line is, you can switch school every time you feel like it.

This video shows how worth it a college really is:

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اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهْ

Pagi-pagi hari ni, sambil buat assignment website. Teringat pula ada rakan fb tanya camana nak crop picture dari laman web atau facebook dan sebagainya lagi. Ini adalah step paling mudah :-

1. Pergi kat Start menu dalam komputer, sebelah bawah kiri sekali

2. Cari word Snipping Tool (biasanya dah siap tersenarai dalam start menu)

3. Bila dah keluar di sebelah kanan gambar gunting beserta perkataan new4. Drag je mouse sebesar mana yang dikehendaki

5. Save dalam .jpg6. Insert picture tu kat memane yang dikehendaki.

Contohnya gambar dalam entri.

Moga memberi manfaat.

Ada sesiapa tahu bagaimana nak jarakkan tulisan dari border dalam entri?(Tadi google dah, termasuk dalam blog @Nabila Medan tiba-tiba keluar gambar Malware)

Dah baca, moh le komen…. Anda memang hebat, hensem dan cun sebab sudi komen kat entri ni. Terima kasih ya… 🙂

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اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهْ

Hari ni, entri tanpa gambar sebab MOUSE PULAK PROBLEM… Nak blogwalking pun takde mood…

Banyak juga komen untuk entri semalam yang saya tak tahu nak publishkan guna keyboard ni ha… Jadi, tak dapatlah ia dipaparkan… Susah juga guna keyboard ni sebab dah selalu guna mouse. Dulu, tahu juga la mana key untuk function tertentu tapi bila dah selalu guna mouse, memang tak tau dah guna keyboard shortcut tu. Entri ni pun tak tersusun sebab tak tahu bagaimana nak justify tulisan guna keyboard. Huhu….
O ya, domain dot my saya masih berfungsi baik macam biasa berdasarkan komen-komen yang masuk dan sedang menanti untuk dipaparkan tapi tak boleh nak dipaparkan sebab saya tak tahu guna keyboard untuk memaparkannya seperti sebab tertera di atas (berapa kali mahu ulang da…) Itu bermakna, sesiapa pun masih boleh melihat blog saya ni. Itu sudah kira bagus… Cuma masih tak boleh adalah View page selepas edit blog atau edit widget blog. Tak kisahlah, janji orang boleh belek blog saya yang tak seberapanya ni…. kan3… hehe…
Sebenarnya, malam tadi sementara baby nyenyak tidur setelah disusukan, sempat jugalah saya menulis apakah yang saya nak buat untuk hari ini. Antaranya, nak buat banner blog guna Adobe Photoshop, kotakkan entri dan sidebar, buat Nuffnangs Add tergantung, ubah warna blog dan siapkan blog bisnes.
Kerja-kerja rumah pula, melipat kain baju yang tak habis-habis lagi dilipat dan kemas rumah yang dah kemas tapi disepahkan balik oleh anak-anak malam tadi maklumla kan… anak-anak ramai… buat je la setakat termampu… Tapi bila dah baby lena lepas susu, mesti nak buka blog juga. Gila blog sudah…

Ada juga terfikir nak buat segmen. Ada ke orang nak joint segmen blogger tak fofular macam saya ni ek? hehe… Rasa macam nak tukar background blog ke warna putih pula. Apa pendapat anda?

Terima kasih sudi singgah baca entri ini, singgah lagi ya 🙂



Harini, setelah selesai belek baby ku, dia pun dah tidur lena… ku mencari-cari beberapa tutorial untuk mentachap (apa bahasa da…) blogku ini. Ada beberapa orang dah offer untuk tachap blog aku ni tapi… bila dah cuba-cuba try test edit, rasa seronok pula. Lagipun, rasanya, elok aku try and error baru ada thrill… kan3… Biarlah tak secantik apatahlagi sehebat blog blogger lain janji cuba…

Sambil-sambil blog walking, terjumpa kat blog INI Nak tau apa yang ku jumpa? Jeng3…

Kelakar… Tergelak-gelak aku tengok video dari You Tube ni. hehe…
Nota : Terlampau edit, terhilang widget surah pilihan…. huhu…

Dah baca, moh le komen…. Anda memang hebat, hensem dan cun sebab sudi komen kat entri ni. Terima kasih ya… 🙂

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اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهْ

Lain nak buat, lain dibuat…
Yang nak disiapkan tentang blog, ada dalam ENTRI NI

Tapi, tiba-tiba rasa nak timbang berat blog pula

Mak aih… Beratnya…Baru 2 hari lepas timbang, berat berapa entah, tak ingat la… load time 0.58 seconds je Hari ni dah berat balik… huhu… Mesti ada yang tak kena kat memana ni…
Ok tak header blog ni? ke ada yang tak kena?

Nah untuk yang nak belajar macam saya macam mane nak lajukan loading blog kita… Semoga dapat memanfaatkan….

Terima kasih sudi baca entry blog ini. Jangan lupa komen dan like ya 🙂



اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهْ

Saya terjumpa tentang perkara ini di dalam fb saya dari kak Sharmila. Terima kasih untuk beliau. Rasanya perlu dijadikan perkongsian untuk semua


Jika anda dapati ada bunyi semburan minyak wangi atau penulen udara di dalam teksi, SILA ARAHKAN TAXI TERSEBUT UNTUK SEGERA BERHENTI!!

Ianya telah berlaku kepada seorang wanita kira-kira pukul 0:45. dia mendapat ke dalam teksi yang dipandu oleh seorang lelaki berbangsa melayu. Ketika dia berada di teksi untuk beberapa minit, dia tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi semburan dan terdapat bau seperti penulen udara. dia berasa pelik mengapa pemandu tersebut meletakkan dua jenis pembersih udara dalam teksi beliau. “Bau tersebut segera mengingatkan saya tentang emel yang pernah saya baca. Saya mula menjadi sedar di sekeliling saya. Tetapi sedutan penulen disimpan dan muncul setiap beberapa minit. Saya mula berasa sangat bimbang dan takut.

Secara beransur-ansur, saya merasakan bahawa badan saya mula berasa lemah dan lemah. Penulen disimpan di pertengahan dari tempat duduk belakang, betul-betul di belakang saya. saya benar-benar merasakan seluruh badan saya semakin lemah, saya cuba mengarahkan pemandu tersebut untuk membiarkan saya turun di tepi jalan. Tetapi dia terus cuba untuk bercakap dengan saya dan bertanya kepada saya mengapa tidak menurunkan saya di destinasi saya sahaja. Saya berfikir yang dia sedang cuba untuk memanjangkan masa.

Saya mulai berasa seram, saya merasakan kedua-dua tangan dan kaki saya seperti lumpuh dan tidak bertenaga, dan hampir tidak boleh bergerak. Apabila saya bercakap kepada pemandu tersebut, saya tidak mampu bercakap dengan betul, saya cuba menjerit untuk mendapatkan bantuan,tetapi tubuh badan saya benar-benar terlalu lemah .Sesampainya di lampu isyarat, saya membuka pintu, melompat keluar dan berlari meninggalkan teksi tersebut untuk mendapatkan bantuan.

Saya benar-benar berterima kasih kepada Tuhan kerana menyelamatkan saya. Jika tidak, saya benar-benar tidak boleh bayangkan apa yang akan berlaku kepada saya. Saya menjadi trauma dengan kejadian ini.
Ini adalah kes yang BENAR. Sila beringat!

Saya berasa pengalaman ini perlu untuk dikongsikan dengan anda semua, tidak kira anda lelaki atau wanita ‘ini bukan tipu ,dan bukanlah cerita yang direka-reka .Ia benar-benar berlaku.

Biarkanlah rakan-rakan anda, ahli keluarga dan saudara mara anda mengetahu tentang kes ini. Saya percaya anda juga sama seperti saya, tidak mahu sesiapa dijadikan mangsa dengan kes ini .. ‘Sila berhati-hati apabila merancang untuk menaiki teksi, terutama wanita.’

Sila beringat selalu agar tidak menaiki teksi yang berbau yang tidak menyenangkan yang menbuat anda ragu-ragu dan kalau boleh, jika anda mampu berbuat demikian, membuat panggilan atau sms kepada rakan-rakan atau saudara mara anda dan biarkan mereka tahu nombor pendaftaran teksi dan jika boleh, nama pemandu teksi tersebut.

Kaum wanita sila ambil perhatian..
dan kepada semua sila kongsikan kepada rakan-rakan wanita anda..
Sila SHARE post ini.

Dah baca, moh le komen…. Anda memang hebat, hensem dan cun sebab sudi komen kat entri ni. Terima kasih ya… 🙂