Learn About The Known Myths Of Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses – The Myths

Once you will graduate from the secondary level, the next step is the college education which is the last step actually before you can start looking for a job. For the graduating students, this should be an exciting phase as once they will be done with college, they can start earning their own money. Are you excited as well? So, what are you planning to take? Are your parents well off? Do you have no problems with your grades right now?

Before you decide whether you want a diploma course or a degree in any college in Malaysia, you might want to check first some of the known myths of foundation courses. Check this out:

A walk in the park

A lot of students assume that a foundation syllabus is just a walk in the park. Well, this is usually not the case and in fact, in some courses, it is the total opposite. Yes, and this is even why you will find that there are courses that are really hard to pass. Some will even take the final year more than once and they still need to prepare for the board which is at the same time, really hard. So, if you think you will just have the time of your life while studying, think again.

Your instructors will be lenient on you

This is another myth. Well, there are instructors who seem to know what the students are going through and will be kind enough to really reach out to them, but there are also those who seem to skip being a student and are so strict. They are those who makes the lessons harder and who can make the students miserable. It seems that their objective is to see more students fail. Indeed, you can say that there are more instructors who are hard to deal with.

You must know ahead what you want

Though this is more convenient of course, if this is your situation, but this is now always the case with everyone. Yes, this is not entirely a myth as there is a ring of truth here, but there are times when a student will change his mind and there are foundation courses that allow them to do that. That is right as some foundation courses will not limit you to what you like. Besides, most of the time, courses have the same subjects in the first year. So, even if you change course, your number of years in school will hardly be affected.

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You need to be in the same university until you graduate

This is an obvious myth of course. You see, no matter if you are choosing a diploma study or a foundation course, no one can stop you if you will change university. However, there are of course some setbacks like maybe you need to step back a little or maybe the other school has different description of their subjects and so on. But the bottom line is, you can switch school every time you feel like it.

This video shows how worth it a college really is:



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